Afghanistan: ‘I wanted to go to school’ — US troops allegedly ‘open fire’ at stone-throwing kids

Footage captured wounded schoolboys who sustained injuries on the outskirts of Jalalabad, in eastern Afghanistan, Monday, after the US forces allegedly opened fire on the children as a response to the pupils throwing stones at the US military vehicles. One of the injured pupils said that «some of our classmates took the stones and threw them at the US vehicles. Then they opened fire. I got injured in my leg. My friend also got injured.» The injured boy then added that the children «threw stones at the US vehicles and said that the US should get out of our country, and leave our country.» Father of one of the injured children expressed, «We understand that the children could throw stones at the US tanks, but they don't know better because they are children. However, the US troops are educated. They know everything. They have come here to build our country. This is not good that they open fire on children and they [children] get injured.» The school's head teacher condemned the incident, noting that the US soldiers «should have contacted the school administration. This is not good. We are condemning this incident.» Ruptly contacted NATO Mission in Afghanistan's Resolute Support but received no response.

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