Afghanistan: Ghani and Abdullah sign power-sharing deal

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and his rival Abdullah Abdullah signed a power-sharing deal in Kabul on Sunday, bringing to an end a months-long political stalemate and uncertainty. While Ghani stays on as the country's president, Abdullah will lead talks with the Taliban and both politicians will choose an equal number of ministers. «Today is a great and historical day for our beloved... Еще Afghanistan,» said Ghani following the signing ceremony. «The Afghans proved that they think wisely and they are allied. We have shown that we can reach any political agreement without foreigners.» Abdullah continued: «There is no doubt that the international community including neighbouring countries is also supporting our agreement.» In February, the Afghan election commission declared Ghani as the winner in the September presidential vote, after months of delayed results. However, Abdullah rejected the results, claiming that elections were marred by fraud and that Ghani's win was invalid due to widespread voter fraud, vowing to form his parallel government. In March, Abdullah was sworn in as president at the presidential palace at the same time as Ghani was inaugurated in a separate oath, leading the country to a new political crisis.

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