Afghanistan: 'Felt like in hell' — Witnesses recount deadly Kunduz airstrike

A witness said he «felt like in hell» in the northern Afghanistan province of Kunduz on Sunday, regarding the airstrike on Thursday in the area where fourteen members of a family, including women and young children, were killed. «This was a merciless act,» a witness Mohammad Khan said, «National Defence Forces visited the area for investigation. They didn't let us take out our martyrs and... Еще injured. Otherwise they were trying to shoot us when we tried to get closer.» Another witness blamed the government for not taking care of their own civilians. «Even if they are doing operations, they should inform civilians about it, so as to evacuate the area. They are coming unexpectedly and implementing operations in the middle of the night,» he added. The deaths occurred in the Chahar Dara district during a battle against the Taliban involving US and Afghan airstrikes, according to reports. The coalition initially denied that the victims were civilians, and claimed they were Taliban fighters, according to reports. But Afghan officials later described the airstrikes as having inadvertently led to the deaths of the civilians, including women and young children, but said initially that they could not confirm if US or Afghan planes were used in the attack.

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