Afghanistan: Displaced families hit hard by harsh winter weather

The death toll of victims of extreme weather conditions in Afghanistan continued to rise as snowstorms, avalanches, and flooding left a trail of misery in their wake. Internally displaced families were among those hit the hardest by the deadly winter. Footage filmed in Kabul on Wednesday shows the snow-covered streets, the muddy roads and refugees keeping warm next to open fires. «We are facing... Еще a lot of severe problems in this camp, we do not have a stable shelter to survive the winter, during the snowfalls, our houses have been falling down, we are suffering the freezing weather. But during the summer we are reconstructing them again, I am demanding the related internal communities to help us in the cold winter,» said Hayatullah, an elder in a refugee camp. «At least four members of a family died because of the cold weather, as well as three other children who died yesterday and last week,» he added. As many as 39 people have died in Afghanistan's harsh winter over the past few days.

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