Afghanistan: 'Corona doesn't harm Muslims' — mass Ramadan prayers held despite COVID-19 spread

Followers of Salafist mullah, Maollawi Mujib Rahman Ansari gathered near Gazer Gah Sharif pilgrimage site, in Herat, to attend Friday prayers during the holy month of Ramadan despite the coronavirus spread. Footage shows people praying without keeping social distance regarded essential to fight the spread of the virus. «We don't care about the coronavirus. We believe God created the coronavirus... Еще. I think it is just a creation of God, just as we are. It was God's will to create such a virus,» said one of the attendees. «We are Muslims. We believe in God. The coronavirus doesn't harm Muslims and we don't care about COVID-19. We 100% don't care» added another worshipper. According to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, Afghanistan has registered 2,335 cases of the coronavirus cases with 68 deaths relates to the disease.

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