Afghanistan: At least 24 dead, dozens injured in funeral bombing near Jalalabad

A suicide bombing carried out at a funeral in eastern Nangarhar province on Tuesday killed at least 24 people and left dozens more injured on Tuesday. Victims of the bombing, which took place in Kuz Kunar district, were rushed to hospitals, including one in the nearby provincial capital, Jalalabad. «This ground was full with dead and wounded. I saw over 100. There wasn't even a vehicle for... Еще transporting the victims. I don't know [how many] exactly but hundreds of people were killed and wounded,» said one eyewitness at the scene. The victims of the attack were attending a funeral of the commander of the police force in Kuz Kunar, when the bombing occurred. Piles of bloodied clothing and shoes could be seen at the attack site. «Until 1 pm, 12 dead bodies, including a member of provincial council, and 56 wounded, were transported to the Nangarhar regional hospital. Most of the wounded are in critical condition, but some of the wounded were back to their home after first treatment,» said a spokesperson for the Nangarhar regional hospital. The attack was one of two carried out in Afghanistan on Tuesday, the other having taken place at a maternity hospital in Kabul. No group has yet taken credit for the violence, although the Taliban has denied being involved.

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