Afghanistan: At least 19 dead after attack on Kabul University

Three gunmen stormed Kabul University, taking hostages and killing 19, before engaging in a deadly shootout with Afghan security forces and US troops on Monday. According to the Afghan Interior Ministry, the gunmen laid siege to Afghanistan's largest university for six hours, killing 19 people and wounding at least 22 more, before security forces shot the assailants dead. All of the people killed by the attackers were students, according to reports. «We were in class, the teacher was there as well. Then the shooting started at the window, our class is in the law department, the last one on the corner, we were lying down and a gunman entered our classroom and shot people with an AK-47. My classmates were killed and several more were injured,» explained a distressed survivor outside the university shortly after the attack. It is the second attack on an educational centre in Kabul in just over a week. The Taliban has thus far denied any involvement in the attack, accusing the self-proclaimed Islamic State of the assault.

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