Afghanistan: At least 100 dead after flash floods hit Parwan province

Rescue efforts continue to take place in Charikar, Parwan province, where deadly flash floods overnight are believed to have killed hundreds and caused immeasurable economic damage. Excavators were seen digging in the flooded area on Wednesday, as well as a group of civilians carrying bodies retrieved from the rubble. Military personnel could also be spotted at the site, where damaged buildings, vehicles and scattered debris made clear the scope of the disaster. «When the flood was coming, the land was shaking and it was raining, so when people knew that the flood was coming they escaped, and those people who were not aware about the flood were damaged a lot and lost their lives, there may be more than 100 bodies underground,» stated local Wali Mohammad. During the early hours of Wednesday, heavy rain started to fall in Charikar unleashing a flood that reportedly killed one hundred people, left dozens of residents injured, while leaving homes destroyed and possessions ruined. The exact death toll is still not yet clear, but the number is expected to rise in the upcoming day as the search operation continues.

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