Afghanistan: Afghans worried amid US plans to re-establish local militias

Locals and militiamen of the Achin District in eastern Afghanistan voiced their concerns over the past week in light of US plans to revive its strategy of creating local Afghan forces to fight the Taliban, fearing it will only make the situation «worse.» Commander of a local militia Hakim Khan commented saying, «We want the end of private militias in Afghanistan. If a private system continues in... Еще this country nothing will get better.» He added, «While everyone holds private guns nothing will change this situation, it will get worse.» Locals also fear that enlarging the number of police threaten their security. Khair Muhammad from the Achin district said that «private or militia forces always cause problems, they are not the solution.» Journalist Sanaullah explained that «Travel militias can be effective in the improvement of security when they are under the control of the Ministry of Interiors or the Ministry of Defence. If not, they will be misused» and involved into illegal activities.» Civil activist Nooragha Zwak reinforced this view stating, «The investment that they want to do on militias, which creates anarchy, should be spent on Afghan security forces that could have an impact on law enforcement. Creating militias under any name could only bring destruction to this country. The latest move is an attempt to revive the notorious Afghan Local Police project, sponsored by the US and UK and created in 2010, which has repeatedly been accused of the abuse of power and multiple human rights violations. According to officials, the new local forces will be named Afghan National Army Territorial Force and will include around 20,000 people. The latest innovations come in light of US President Donald Trump's new strategy to Afghanistan, which he outlined this August. «Conditions on the ground, not arbitrary timetables, will guide our strategy from now on,» Trump had said.

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