Afghanistan: Abdullah holds separate inauguration ceremony after rejecting election results

Afghan Chief Executive of the Unity Government Abdullah Abdullah, who was incumbent President Ashraf Ghani's main rival in the September election, was sworn in as president at the presidential palace in Kabul on Monday, at the same time as Ghani was inaugurated in a separate oath. Abdullah rejected the results of the presidential election announced in February, claiming that elections were marred... Еще by fraud and that Ghani's win was invalid due to widespread voter fraud, vowing to form his own parallel government. The rivalry between Ghani and Abdullah is expected to lead the country to a new political crisis, ahead of critical peace talks with the Taliban, while the United States began withdrawing its troops from the country. In February, the Afghan election commission declared Ghani as the winner in the September presidential vote, after months of delayed results. According to the election commission, Ghani received 50.6 per cent of the votes while Abdullah Abdullah garnered some 39.5 percent.

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