Afghani amputee wheelchair-basketball players dream of international glory

54 amputees showed off their wheelchair-basketball prowess in Jalalabad on Monday. The men, many of whom lost their limbs due the abundance of landmines in Afghanistan, train three times with the hope of gaining access to international tournaments. As the teams' manager pointed out, «[among] these 54 players, the majority of [them] are amputees, double-amputees and they have lost both their... Еще legs in landmine explosions.» One player said that the teams' hope is «to play in international tournaments, especially in the American NBA league.» He explained that «there are a lot of talents» among the people who are practicing this sport throughout the whole country, but given the war, they fear they cannot demonstrate their capabilities in international competition. «Every Afghan with disability has the capacity to develop, but due to war and insecurities, we can’t find way to [reach] international leagues,» he added.

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