AfD's Gauland: We will hunt Merkel down and return our country

«We will hunt them down. We will hunt Mrs Merkel or whoever it is down and we will return our land to our people,» Alternative for Germany (AfD) Co-founder Alexander Gauland said to supporters gathered in a Berlin nightclub, Sunday. Supporters of the AfD, a far-right, were celebrating a historic result in the German federal election, with exit polls suggesting it will become the country’s third... Еще-strongest party. The party is predicted to pass the 5% threshold for the first time in its 4-year history, with around 13% of the vote, meaning it will stand in parliament. As was forecast, Angela Merkel's CDU will remain Germany's largest party with 32% and its main opposition, the Social Democrats led by Martin Schultz, managed a 20% share, however, both underperformed compared to pre-election polls. The AfD's performance means it will be the first far-right party to enter the Bundestag in over six decades.


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