Adorable Amur leopard cub receives care from Yalta Zoo staff

Vets were hand-feeding a rare Amur leopard baby at Yalta Zoo, Tuesday, as the cub is still too young to open its eyes or even walk on four legs. The adorable baby was born at the facility on September 21. According to Oksana Zukova, an employee of the zoo, “this is a very rare species of animal that is listed in the international red book. Our zoo is trying to multiply the population of these... Еще animals by all means. We hope to someday let them out into the open nature.» Amur leopard is a leopard subspecies native to the Primorye region of south-eastern Russia and the Jilin Province of northeast China. They are listed as «Critically Endangered» on the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Red List. As of 2015, less than 60 Amur leopards are estimated to survive in Russia and China.
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