Acid attack victim from Dominican Republic becomes social media influencer

Social media influencer Esther Jimenez underwent a difficult survival process following a 'devil's acid' attack that was thrown at her face before social networks changed her life helping her become an influencer and motivator for thousands of followers. «Social networks changed my life because I was uploading normal photos, that is, with sunglasses so nobody noticed that I was burned. Until one day I felt bad, so I laid down on the floor and took a picture of myself and posted a message. And after that I saw that people started to follow me,» she said. Esther faced a double tragedy after being totally disfigured by a stranger who threw acid at her and her mother's death from the impact of seeing her daughter in that condition. In a low moment, she decided to post a video talking about the love of God and people started to follow her. «I don't even know how all those followers have arrived,» she said. «I simply know how to upload videos and photos.» Esther knew how to turn the situation around to her benefit posting motivational videos professing her catholic faith, reaching a current 76,000 followers on her instagram account.

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