Abkhazia: Putin reaffirms commitment to Abkhazia's socio-economic development

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Abkhazian counterpart Raul Khadzhimba held a joint press-conference, on Tuesday, in Pitsunda, after their bilateral meeting. The leaders spoke about continued Russian assistance to the fledgling Caucasus republic, with investments planning to “exceed 2.5 billion Rubles” this year alone. The Russian President reaffirmed his commitment to Abkhazia in... Еще contributing to its economic development and “ensure its safety, provide peace and political support”. Russia recognised Abkhazia in 2008 following the Russo-Georgian war that same year, and is one of four countries worldwide to have done so. Before the leaders' press conference, Russian Minister for Health Veronika Skvortsova and Abkhazian Minister for Health Tamaz Tsakhnakia signed an agreement that would permit Russian citizens who are permanent residents in Abkhazia to receive medical assistance in Russia.
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