Abkhazia: Protesters storm presidential administration building in Sukhumi

Protesters stormed and broke into the presidential administration building in Sukhumi on Thursday, demanding new presidential elections amid ongoing tensions over the election of President Raul Khajimba in September. Around 500 people gathered at the square in front of the presidential administration. Footage shows broken windows and the demonstrators climbing into the building as The... Еще protesters argue that that the incumbent president did not get a majority of the vote in the September 2019 election. President Khajimba released a statement requesting for people to stay calm and not to succumb to provocations. «I have given all the necessary instructions to prevent the development of the situation which is now outside the legal field. In this difficult situation, we must remain calm and not jeopardize the existence of our state. All government bodies operate as usual. Security services are working in enhanced mode. If necessary, I will take measures to introduce a state of emergency in the country. This way of development has already been discussed at the Security Council,» the statement said.

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