A Very Monkey Christmas — Curious Gorillas receive Xmas gifts in Stuttgart Zoo

Miriam's mother: «Were the presents nice, yes? What did the apes get?» Miriam: «Popcorn» Miriam's mother: «Just popcorn? Would you want them to have something more? Banana?» Miriam: «Toys» Miriam's mother: «And what else? Would you like to say Merry Christmas?» Miriam: «Merry Christmas» Gorillas at the Wilhelma zoological-botanical gardens were given a chance to experience the delight of Christmas, as they received their Christmas gifts, filled with tasty treats, in Stuttgart, Monday. The footage shows gorillas grabbing their presents, some even running away from the curious visitors to open their treats in private. At least 140 boxes were filled with popcorn, raisins and apple rings. The visitors expressed their emotions, saying that the whole event looked like a home celebration, with everyone being excited while opening their gifts. «Everything is done very quickly. I haven't seen any disappointed faces [of monkeys]. Maybe it [disappointment] will come later, « joked Matthias Raggi, one of the happy visitors.

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