A PURRfect ride! Feline lovers board the world's first cat cafe train in Ogaki

Japanese civic group Kitten Cafe Sanctuary and Yoro Railway Company took the increasingly 'paw-pular' cat-cafe concept to the next level; they put a rescue cat cafe Sanctuary on rails, launching the world’s first cat train cafe in the city of Ogaki, in Gifu Prefecture on Sunday. Passengers mingled with their favourite fluff-balls, playing with them and sipping their drinks as they travelled... Еще through the Gifu and Mie Prefectures. «[Thanks to] this kind of events we can have a very unique experience,» said a visitor. «It was a very fun, and I feel I want to have cat at home.” Representative of KAM Animal Protection Group Fujihara Mariko explained that in Japan «[stray] cats that are caught are to be euthanized after they are sheltered,» and stressed that initiatives like the cat cafe sanctuary train allow «those cats not to be killed,” since some of the passengers end up adopting the rescued kittens. Human capacity for each ride is limited to 40 passengers. Following the initial high demand and limited free spots, many hope a second cat cafe train will hit the rails soon.
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