A mammoth creation! Elaborate origami made with ONE sheet of paper

Nguyen Hung Cuong, a paper artist in Hanoi, folds paper into elaborate origami designs of animals, insects or fish, using only one sheet of paper, footage from Wednesday reveals. Nguyen Hung Cuong started doing origami designs at six years old and was given his first origami book at the age of seven. Since then, he has developed his art into elaborate origami designs that tell a story. Some of... Еще his most complicated creations like a scorpion fighting a snake or a shark mounting waves take him a long time to prepare. «Sometimes I make over 30 or 40 drafts to come up with this final result,» said Nguyen Hung Cuong. He travels with his designs all around the world to attend origami exhibitions. In Vietnam he is considered quite famous, having already published two books about origami there and now preparing a third one.

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