75 y/o Chinese 'grandpa' finds comfort in figure skating after losing loved ones

Ji Kaifeng, a 75-year old Beijing resident, has managed to find fame and a new purpose in figure skating after the loss of his son and wife. Ji first learnt to ice-skate at age eight. Despite the familial loss of his son in 1990 and the more recent loss of his wife, Ji manages to stay positive by spending his days at the Chaoyang District Le Cool Ice Rink in Beijing, where he can be found practising skating routines to his favourite music. On September 17, he was seen donning his signature white headphones and toothless grin as he glided and twirled his way across the ice rink. Regularly participating in shows and competitions, his unshakeable determination and remarkable agility, for a senior citizen, has gained him the admiration of the local skating community as well as an international audience. Ji intends to continue ice-skating for as long as he can. «Almost nothing good has happened in my life. My life is full of contradictions, either the death of a child or the death of my wife. But I forget all these unpleasant things when skating,» he shared.

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