68th Berlinale wraps up with 'Touch me Not' winning Golden Bear

The final press conference of Berlin’s 68th International Film Festival was held at the Grand Hyatt, Berlin, on Saturday night. The prize winners spoke about their films and the festival experience. The controversial film «Touch Me Not» won the festival’s coveted grand prize, the Golden Bear. «Touch Me Not» grabbed the headlines prior to the award ceremony as viewers reportedly left screenings... Еще of the film due to its sexual content. In her press conference, filmmaker Adina Pintilie explained her understanding of the controversy. «The film is going to be perceived very subjectively. So it depends very much on what it triggers in everybody. It’s more like a mirror that we offer the viewer in which he can contemplate possibilities of himself or herself,» Pintilie said. Meanwhile, winner of Best Documentary, Ruth Beckerman, spoke about how she hoped her film — The Waldheim Walz — would further discussions about the issues of populism in politics. Beckerman said, «And I hope that this film will provoke discussions, especially in Austria, but also in other countries concerned with this problem and show also that, if you have some courage, and if there is a functioning civil society, we must not be depressed but we can overcome these people again.» With both the grand prize and the runner up being awarded to female film directors, Silver Bear winner Malgorzata Szumowska commented, «I think it's a sign of the times.» She also stated that the #MeToo campaign «can change something in the society.»

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