-52 degrees? Snow problem! 'Pole of Cold' hosts first int'l marathon

SOT, marathon participant (Russian): «It's OK. I'm not cold.» SOT, marathon participant (Russian): «Yes, it's OK. I can run at least 10 more kilometres.» SCRIPT The first international extreme marathon race «Pole of Cold» took place in one of the coldest permanently inhabited locales on Earth, Russian Oymyakon rural locality, as shown in footage filmed on Saturday. According to... Еще organisers, 19 runners were supposed to participate in the race, however, «only 16 runners actually took part in the competition.» Participants competed in five distances: 5, 10, 20, 30 and 42 km. However, no one ran the longest distance. Only one runner could cover 38 km. Reportedly, the youngest participant was 21 years old while the oldest was 71. International participants from France, India, Thiland and Austria, reportedly, ran short distances. One of the marathon organisers also said that the morning temperature in Oymyakon on the day of the race was minus 52 degrees Celsius.

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