30,000 flock to see tractors tear up race-track in Rostov-on-Don

Around 30,000 people gathered to see over 30 tractor drivers go head to head at speeds of up to 90 km/h (56 mp/h) in the 16th annual Bison Track Show in Rostov-on-Don on Sunday. This year’s event had a distinct World Cup twist, with each participant carrying a national flag in an attempt to predict the outcome of the football tournament. Aleksandr Grechkin from Russia’s Azov Region won first... Еще place; conveniently, he was carrying a Russian national flag. Two tractors colliding dramatically with one another and flipping over at the start was one of the highlights of the event. “Thank God the guys were unharmed and there was no need to call an ambulance, it is very important for us, the organisers,” Bison Track Show founder Sergei Sukhovenko said. The race’s organisers say that the show aims to boost interest in agriculture.

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