2,018-strong snowman swarm displayed in Harbin for New Year

2,018 super sweet snowman sculptures were displayed at Harbin's Qunli Bund theme park on Thursday, to ring in the New Year. A giant snowman measuring some 20 metres (66ft) towered over the 2,017 other snowmen in the Chinese city. Some 12,000 cubic metres (424,000 cubic feet) of snow were reportedly used in making the sculptures. The exhibition is set to bid for the Guinness World Record for... Еще the greatest number of snowmen in a park. One visitor to the park said that she was «surprised» by the 2,018 snowmen, adding 'that is my first time seeing such a huge amount of snowmen.» Harbin hosts an annual ice and snow sculpture festival, which attracts thousands of visitors from China and around the world.

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