11 y/o record-breaking acrobat shows off his moves

Danyal Mehsood, an 11-year-old martial arts student showed off his athletic skills and abilities in Dera Ismail Khan on August 18. Danyal, who holds the world record in the number of helicopter spins in a minute, can be seen breakdancing on rocks in the middle of a flowing river, where he also performed a plank and did some shadow boxing. «Since my childhood, I had too much interest in Karate,» the young prodigy said. «Then, I saw Irfan Mehsood and watched his records,» he said of his trainer, who holds 33 world records. «God willing, I will break more records to highlight my native town and Pakistan,» he added. Danyal broke the world record for helicopter spins on November 24, 2019, at the age of 10. Irfan's records include the most jumping jacks (81) in a minute carrying a 60-lb (27 kg) pack or most push-ups (39) on fingertips in one minute while carrying a 60-lb (27 kg) pack.

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